What is HAFTA?

HAFTA is an organization in Montrose, Colorado in association with Western Colorado Atheists
and Freethinkers (WCAF).

HAFTA stands for Humanists, Atheists, Freethinkers, and Agnostics. Not everyone believes in
God and not everyone is religious. A growing number of individuals are not affiliated with a religion and are not religious or spiritual. Their views are not ruled by religious dogma. People or
activities that are not religious are referred to as “secular”.

HUMANISTS: Stress the potential value and goodness of human beings and emphasize common human needs seeking solely rational ways of solving human problems
ATHEISTS: Maintain that only the natural world exists and do not believe in supernatural deities
FREETHINKERS: Base their beliefs on evidence, reason, logic and empiricism
AGNOSTICS: Claim neither belief nor a disbelief in God or are unsure of God’s existence

Mission Statement


PROVIDE a welcoming and supportive community of thoughtful people
where they can enjoy an alternative to organized religion

ENCOURAGE an open forum and safe environment to discuss and explore

BE RESPECTFUL toward organized religion and encourage respect in
return to those who are not believers. we will work toward mutual

PROVIDE social gatherings in which we can engage in topics or discussions
of interest

PROMOTE good citizenship through community service

SUPPORT the constitutional guarantee of separation of church and

"Come as a guest. Stay as a Friend."